LifeVantage Sponsorship Annoucement

We are happy to announce that LifeVantage, the leader in wellness and anti-aging products and opportunities, has partnered with FloridaVelo for the 2014 competitive and recreational season.  LifeVantage will extend FloridaVelo’s members, friends, and community with the necessary financial support and special access to its life-changing products and residual income opportunities.

“We are very excited to have partner with LifeVantage to generate residual income to fund our team’s programs, and to afford our leaders and champions with an opportunity to win off their bikes as well”, said Pablo Santa Cruz, FloridaVelo President.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for LifeVantage to partner with such a respected organization, and we look forward to strengthening the relationship and infrastructure to support a Professional team in 2015”, said Brandon Cunningham, LifeVantage Elite Leader.

To learn more about LifeVantage, please visit

We encourage everyone to contact Simon Kessler, Brandon Cunningham, or Pablo Santa Cruz to learn more about the products and the life changing opportunities this relationship is already affording a number of members and friends.

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