We are committed to improving every member’s riding skills, to sharing in their accomplishments, and to being ambassadors for the cycling community.

FloridaVelo offers a development and support infrastructure for competitive cyclists to maximize their enjoyment and potential in the sport.

A “competitive” cyclist is everyone who strives to improve with a purpose, not necessarily by racing, and enjoys the setting of goals and plans to achieve anything.

We make competitive cycling accessible and fun for everyone – not every rider is searching for a professional ranking or a podium finish, just a nice time with friends!

We look forward to riding and racing together throughout Florida’s Racing and Touring calendar, as well as in select National and International events.

Join us to improve and compete with the best – we are having a fun with a purpose!


Online: Make sure to “like” and visit the team’s Facebook page and Website.

Email:  You have been added to the team’s email group list.

Text Messages:  If you would like to receive the not-so-regular mood enhancing text messages, make sure we have your mobile number

Direct Call: Please call immediately if you have any questions or suggestions


Our Quarterly Meetings are held every First Monday of each quarter, and all members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. A typical agenda for our quarterly meetings covers:

– Achievements
– Accounting
– Goals & Objectives


Our Goals and Objectives are reviewed and committed every year in ealry December and approved in our first meeting in January. Your input is required to ensure that we meet your expectations.


Our By-Laws were approved on January 1, 2007 and are reviewed every December.


We promote and support a variety of community and sport related programs such as:

– Junior Development
– Women Development
– Kids Against Cancer
– Ride Clean Fund
– Special Olympics
– Sunshine Grand Prix