Riding & Training

We believe that all riding and training should be lots of fun and have a specific purpose.

The purposes could range from riding to enjoy the day, riding to challenge yourself, riding to beat your buddy, training for a century, training for a climbing trip, training to upgrade categories, training to win a race, etc.

If you are a Racing Member, we recommend that you follow our team’s Racing Training Plans. These plans contain specific daily workouts for on and off the bike. The volume and intensity of these workouts are specific to your condition. Your condition is determined by testing your (LT) Lactate Threshold. Please contact one of our coaches to schedule your LT Test. The typical riding schedule of our Racing Members involves two hard workouts during the week, one recovery ride during the week, and two weekend rides for fun and/or competition.

If you are a Touring Member, we recommend that you ride as often as your schedule allows, and that you incorporate a couple of techniques on every ride. You can find these techniques on our team’s Touring and Individual Training Plans. These techniques are simple and specific to your needs and goals. Please contact one of our coaches for an individual assessment before choosing a training plan.


Our Racing, Touring, and Individual Training Plans are designed by our Sports Director in conjunction with our Personal Trainers and supporting staff/consultants. Please contact us to discuss and assess your fitness level, personal goals and more. This discussion will allow us to determine the best plan to help you achieve the highest enjoyment and accomplishment in cycling.

We are very fortunate to have on board our own professional Sports Director, Personal Trainers, and other supporting staff/consultants. All members are encouraged to learn how to benefit from these relationships and their lengthy and valuable experiences.


Follow our Monthly Training Purpose to help you can reach all your goals with purposeful training.


We often join and support various local club rides, and we encourage members to participate individually in them as often as possible. Please check the Team Calendar to see which of those rides are scheduled for team participation.


Every quarter on a Sunday, we do a Team Fun Ride to celebrate our lives, friendships, and the privilege or riding together. Stay tune to email scheduling this ride, and take a look at our last Fun Team Ride.


Every so often, we do a long ride to San Antonio or Lake Lindsey. We start at 7:00am from the Trailhead on SR 54 and the Veteran’s Expressway, and come back usually by 12:15pm after 80-90 miles. Everyone is welcome!

San Antonio Ride Directions and Map – please ask us for directions and map of the Lake Lindsey ride.