FloridaVelo wins FPS Championships

Congratulations to our members and teams for winning the coveted FPS Championships, Champion of Champions, BBPA Classic Series and Get Healthy Cup – a season long achievement!

Masters 50+ Champion of Champions:  Carlos Soler

MAsters 65+ Champion of Champions:  Pascal Jugy

Elite PRO12 and Junior 17-18 Champion of Champions:  Lucas Wardein

Elite PRO12 Team Champions:  Ken Vida, Derek Bennet, Darren Dowling, Jimmy Page, Buddy Spafford, Neal Sheppard, Jan Heylen, Anthony Vasilas, Roy Foley, Andy Mapple, Mark Stein, and Pablo Santa Cruz.

Elite PRO12 Individual Champion:  Ken Vida

Women Team Champions:  Cathy Kamhin, Petra, Klunder, Laura DeWitt, Tish Kelly, Samantha Heinrich, Sandy Pehl, Kim Vaughan, and Laura DeWitt.

Women 3-4 Individual Champion:  Cathy Kamhin


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