FloridaVelo wins the Swamp Classic

The Swamp Classic was a great start of our Florida racing season.  Congratulations to the UF Team and volunteers for staging a very enjoyable and competitive event!

We tested our fitness and found the competition to be stronger than ever. ¬†The team accomplished 4 Wins, 10 Podiums, and 21 Top 10s with impressive results in Saturday’s Circuit: ¬†40+ 1st Mark, 3rd Andy & 7th Pablo, 50+ 1st Andy, 60+ 2nd Pascal & 4th Charlie, P12 7th Ken & 8th Darren; Saturday’s Time Trial: 40s 2nd Chuck, 60+ 1st Pascal, W34 2nd Kathy, P12 2nd Ken, 5th Derek & 10th Roy; Sunday’s Criterium: 40+ 3rd Todd & 5th Chuck, 60+ 2nd Charlie, W34 3rd Kathy, P12 6th Ken, 8th Darren & 10th Derek.

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