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Nov 29, 2010 – Please take the necessary time and patience to read the entire email :)


Please complete (New or Renewing) your 2011 Membership Documents, and mail/deliver/hand them before Dec 31 along with the corresponding Annual Membership Dues payment – you can pay online using the Team Shop.

Membership is by Invitation Only – FloridaVelo is YOUR team – you can sponsor/invite a new member to join at anytime, but you are responsible and accountable for that member’s character and behavior – this is what keeps FloridaVelo somewhat balanced :)

Remember that we are far from just a racing team – over 70% of our members are no-racers – we do not define ourselves by what we do on the bike – we are known for doing everything with appreciation, purpose, and excellence!

We have accomplished a great deal together since 2007 – let’s keep ensuring that (1) your expectations are clearly communicated and understood, (2) your cycling goals are backed by a purposeful plan, (3) and every member is involved!


Please complete the Uniform Order Form, and mail/deliver/hand it NOW along with the corresponding payment – you can pay online using the Team Shop.

We expect delivery in early January of over $30K in clothing, and we need everyone to pay ASAP to help cover the 50% deposit – please do not wait to pay until they arrive!

Because the quantity of items has grown so much, we will be picking up all items at a designated bike shop. It is no longer possible to carry all the stuff in the RV or Suburban, and we have not been able to sign up a suitable Vice President of Worlwide Logistics :)


Please help us raise funds for Yourself and for Programs:

1. For Yourself: You may raise funds to help you offset costs such as uniforms, entry fees, travel expenses, etc. We will gladly produce for you the necessary letters and proposals that will help you secure sponsorships & donations. The key here is that YOU determine how 90% of the funds received get spent while the team keeps the remaining 10% for Programs.

2. For Programs: The team has grown above and beyond our current financial support system, and we need additional funds to continue supporting the growth of programs like Juniors, Bike Angels, Ride Clean, Lift it UP, Race Support, Elite Group.

Please contact Pablo at 727-741-7250 to understand how this works and how this can benefit you.


The WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter are working well, but we are working on an app/tool/gadget that will allows us to enter all news/updates/chats/blogs on the website and automatically have them published on Facewbook/Twitter and sent to your mobile phone – any techies or wizards out there that can solve this need will be much appreciated and well provided :)

Please keep the communication flowing – help our team spirit shine and grow!


We are very fortunate to be sponsored by some quality cycling manufacturers, bike shops, health food & vitamin shops, and such – and the list of supporting companies keeps on growing!

You may purchase sponsored equipment, merchandise, and services at any time by simply emailing/calling us with a list of what you need – we have access to framesets, complete bikes, wheels, components, nutritionals, etc. The Team Shop is being updated to include all of the items available to the team. Let us know if there are any products and services that we should consider adding to our lineup.


During the off season, we have scheduled a number of great workouts and rides for everyone to enjoy – please visit the Team Calendar often for daily updates. Our Team Rides to San Antonio or Lake Lindsey start on Dec 12th and every Sunday thereafter, and everyone is invited to these rides…pass the word out!

Make sure to also join us for our Boot Camps on Tuesday nights (plyometrics and all else that will make us laugh and hurt at the same time), Night Intervals on Wednesday nights (become strong like a bull and fast like a bullet), Fun Team Rides (talk about your culinary abilities and softer side), and Long Team Rides (not just because the coach says so but because they are actually fun). Anything we do is open to members and non-members!

We have members all over Florida, and it is great to see many of you fostering groups where you live and ride – let us know of any rides or gatherings that we should communicate and post online for everyone to consider participating.

We are very fortunate to have the very best people around us to help us achieve our very best ON and OFF our bikes – take advantage of our Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and supporting Staff/Consultants. Contact us at any time to discuss and assess your fitness level, personal goals and more, so that we may help you determine the best plan to help you achieve the highest enjoyment and accomplishment in cycling.


We accomplished EVERY SINGLE goal that we set at the beginning of the year – 7 individual State Champions, 3 individual Florida Cup Champions, 10 individual Category Upgrades, new Juniors Programs, new Women Cat 4 Program, 200+ members, and much more. Thank you for believing, trusting, and making FloridaVelo YOUR team – congratulations!

OFF the bike, we established again that we can change our lives for the better and provide for those in need.

ON the bike, we established again that everything is possible with purpose and trust in each other.


Please let us know specifically what you would like to accomplish next year, and we will together bring about the necessary resources and plan – everything is possible with passion, trust, support, and excellence!

Our Team’s Goals & Objectives will be finalized by Dec 31 – call/email to ensure that your suggestions are incorporated.


We have some great individuals and awesome racers joining our team for the 2011 season.

We are lining up the very best Elite, Masters 35/45/55/65, Men 3/4/5, Women 1/2/3/4, and Junior groups anywhere – stay tuned for the proper welcomes and announcements!

The FPS – Florida Points Series is once again evolving to manage growth, and the following are some of the major changes/improvements that will be made for 2011:

- The Competitions will include Champion of Champions (best combined CRIT, TT, RR), State Champion (CRIT, TT, RR), Crown Champion (new and highest designation), Cup Champion, Time Trial Series Champion, and South Florida Challenge Champion.

- The Calendar will include 4 Crown events, 8 Cup events, about 30 Medal events (regular events as we know them now plus 10-12 South Florida Challenge events), and some Regional and Training events.

- The $100,000 South Florida Challenge Series is a reality. zMotion is working with Keri from WAM Events and Fernando from Miami Masters to produce 10-12 weekends of racing throughout South Florida. This is a great thing for all of cycling in Florida, and FloridaVelo has made arrangements with zMotion to support those races!

- The Points System finally will reward performance rather and not just participation. We will now only accumulate points from our best finished in 65% of the available number of races – meaning that you no longer have to a participate in all events to win the Overall Championship. This allows riders to chose which races they can/want to participate, and it gives everyone an opportunity to improve points and ranking based on performance. The FRCA is working on the final details and the final announcement will be made very soon.

As always, please call/email immediately if you have any questions or suggestions!

Let’s give thanks to our 2010 Sponsors and Supporters
We could not have accomplished as much as we have without them!


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