FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – September 28 2013


Expect the big announcement for the 2014 season at the team dinner on Saturday, Oct 26th in Clermont.

The excitement continues to grow with renewed energy, key new members, higher goals & objectives, and all else you have provided input and feedback.

Thank you for making FloridaVelo YOUR team, and for caring enough to constantly demand more and better while you give back equally.

Please keep communicating with your questions, suggestions, personal expectations/goals, budget requests, sponsorship ideas, additional members, etc.


You will receive a separate email with details and volunteering needs for the 4th annual Brooskville Cycling Classic. Let’s make this weekend one of the most fun of our season!


A few members will be having fun playing in the mud, and you will be surprised with the talent and pedigree some of our current and new members have in this discipline.  Check out the calendar and other details at http://myfbra.org/la/cyclocross/


Race – Oct 6, Florida State Criterium Championships in New Port Richey
Race – Oct 19-20, Brooksville Cycling Classic
Race – Oct 26-27, Florida State Road Championships in Clermont

Tour – Nov 10-11, Miami GranFondo
Tour – Nov 17, Horrible Hundred in Clermont

International – Oct 5-12, Vuelta a Mallorca, Spain
International – Oct 27-27, Panamerican Masters Champinships, Jalisco Mexico


2014 Uniforms – You are going to love the improvements – almost the same design as this year’s but with a few touches here and there that make them look nicer and lots more comfortable.  We will have actual samples to view and try at both Brooksville and State Road events, and please be prepared to order them then so we can have them produced and delivered by mid December.

Socks – We have a box full of Mediums and Small – come and get them.

Skinsuits – Everyone loves them, including Tish which is major accomplishment :) . You can order them at http://mumuapparel.com/floridavelo.

Military Camo Kits – use the same link above to order them – see below under charitable contributions.


Let us know if you would like to join a group to Paintings for a Cause on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, at the Belleair Country Club. We will honor the many children battling cancer in our community while showcasing the work of talented artists from the Tampa Bay area. http://fastercure.org/special-events/paintings-for-a-cause/


1 box down and 3 boxes to go – come and get them!


We are at 67% of our $25,000 goal for this year. Thank you for appreciating our gifts and making a difference!

Visting Orphans, http://www.visitingorphans.org. We support a fantastic young lady visiting a children’s orphanage in Chenzehou, China – we are proud of Elyssa.

Pediatric Cancer Foundation, http://www.fastercure.org/. Thanks to those who donated their prize money for a 5 to 1 match, and to those who donated personally for a 1 to 1 match.

Bikes for Kids. We have placed the order for 200 bikes to be delivered in December. Stay tuned for details on the assembly party and delivery outings in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs and the YMCA.

Wounded Warrior, http://www.woundedwarrior.org. Our support will be on behalf of one of our member’s daughter injured in Afghanistan.


We are very fortunate to have on board our own professional Coaches, Mentors, Personal Trainers, Nutritionist, Physicians, and other supporting staff/consultants. All members are encouraged to learn how to benefit from these relationships and their lengthy and valuable experiences. Please make sure you are riding and training with a purpose. All you have to do is ask for an assessment and have a road map developed just for you!


Online: Make sure that you “like” the team’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/FloridaVelo/159251020767931, and to visit the team’s website and calendar regularly http://www.floridavelo.com/

Group Email: You have been added to the team’s email group list – floridavelo@googlegroups.com. You can send email messages to the entire membership if you dare to handle the interesting replies :)

Text Messages: If you would like to receive the not-so-regular mood enhancing text messages, make sure we have your mobile number

Direct Call: Please call immediately if you have any questions or suggestions


Please make it YOUR team by leading us into action or providing specific suggestions.

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