FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – April 3 2013


Big thanks to Tish Kelly for her leadership and work in Naples.  Our Naples group has grown nicely with good and fun people, and we look forward to making great memories together this season and beyond.

Let’s welcome Paul Carbone, Paige Kelly, Tony Catalina, Mike Greens, Blaine Heric – likely, I missed welcoming many others before, so please join us for drinks and gummy bears under the tent.

Don’t forget to send news, pictures, accomplishments and more to share!


Congratulations to the Masters 50+ and Masters 60+ teams for leading both the Florida Cycling Race Series and the State of Florida Rankings.

Remember that only your 12 top results count for the Florida Cycling’s Individual Series Championships, and there are still 14 races remaining.

The rest of our goals are in sight – it is time to shift down and get it done.


We are Racing to Eliminate Childhood Cancer by matching $5 for every $1 of prize money donated and $1 for every $1 of personal money donated.  This program supports the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and its Sunshine Project.  Let me know when any of you would like to visit some of the kids affected from this decease and some of the scientists working on a cure.  We will also be glad to arrange for you or your company to make donations directly to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


We received the socks but they are not acceptable – too short, too lime green, and too thin.  I will have the box this weekend to get your opinion, and you are welcome to buy them before I return them next week.  I have contact three other companies to get samples and quotes – if we do not have a good option by April 15th or hear from any of you otherwise, I will order a batch from LIN exactly like the ones we had last year in both yellow and black.

Some of you begun receiving last week kits that were order after the deadline, and we are expecting the final batch mid April for the remainder.

The skinsuits are coming but no date promises until they are in my hands or Tish’s hands.

The polos will be here soon as well – please email me again what you need to ensure proper quantities and sizes (use the T-Shirts for sizing).


Apr 6-7, Clermont – Winter Garden CRIT and Race of the West RR
Apr 13-14, St. Augustine – Velofest CRIT and RR
Apr 20-21, Anniston, Alabama – Sunny King CRIT and RR, http://www.sunnykingcriterium.com/
Apr 27-28, Athens Twilight CRIT and CRIT, http://www.athenstwilight.com/


We are fortunate to have access to all cycling products, components, accessories, and more at the lowest costs through our own sponsor shops and manufacturers.  All you have to do is say what you need and our concierge will go to work!


Email by April 15th if you want to be included in the last team order from Mavic:

Plasma Helmet, $115 ($179.95 retail), http://www.mavic.com/en/product/helmets/helmets/helmets/Plasma#328454
Zxellium Shoe, $195 ($324.95 retail), http://www.mavic.com/en/product/footwear/road/footwear/Zxellium#300001


We are fortunate to have the best mentors, coaches, trainers, physicians, nutritionists, fitters, and more helping us accomplish all of our goals on the bike.  All you have to do is ask for help and we will design the right program for you!


Please call, email or text immediately with any questions or suggestions.


We appreciate our gifts by sharing them with others.
We embrace our mission by empowering others to reach their goals.
We strengthen our journey by seeking others of similar values and character.

At 211 degrees water is hot but at 212 degrees it boils!
Demand excellence from yourself and your teammates – http://www.212movie.com/

We are unstoppable with shared purpose and teamwork!
Demand trust from yourself and your teammates – http://www.powerofteamworkmovie.com/



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