FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – Feb 25, 2013


We had a great time riding and laughing together – it has been a while since we had a bunch of us together, and we cannot wait to see the entire team together very soon.  Thanks to Don Foster, Andy Mapple, and Peter Davis for coming from Boston, Orlando, and Naples to play with us this past Sunday.


Junior Development: We have been working with Dylan Baker in the Tampa Bay area, and are looking to select another Junior by the end of March.  Let us know if you have anyone deserving and with great potential to being a great citizen.  We will be speaking more about Dylan in the next few updates – he will be racing next weekend.

Pediatric Cancer Foundation: We have already generated $1,240.  FloridaVelo matches $5 for every $1 of prize money donated and $1 for every $1 of personal money donated towards this program.  Stay tuned for additional educational materials, opportunities to get involved, dates to visit some of the kids, and more.

Appreciation Fund: We take care of those in need and of those who get involved and give their time and talent.  This fund is the result of personal donations and a portion of our sponsorships, and it has worked well for our team in that it shows our appreciation and reciprocity for what each of you does for the team and for others.  Please call or see me to ensure you get it and realize the value and benefits of this program.


The overall feedback is that everyone loves the new kits.  The second batch ordered online should arrive anytime now, including the socks.  Let us know if you are missing anything.

Special thanks to Tish & Chuck Kelly for coordinating all of the uniforms for the Naples group!

We have in inventory a few jackets, a few wind jackets, a few wind vests, a few arm warmers, a few leg warmers, lots of gloves, a few hats (baseball caps in yellow and black), and some cool T-Shirts.  Let us know if you want anything.


Some of us are already wearing the Mavic Zxellium shoes and we like them lots. Let us know if you need any ($325 retail – $210 team cost).

I have been using the Mavic Plasma SLR helmet, and the feedback is “very comfortable but too yellow and  not so good protection on the back”.  After several discussion and lack of consensus :) , we will be ordering some white CatLike helmets to see how we like them – any feedback?

We have said enough about the OPUS bikes – they are unique and superb.  This relationship is very strong, growing and the plans are very exciting.  Opus is owned by OGC – Outdoor Gear Canada, the largest distributor of sporting brands with a strong balance sheet and solid reputation for over 30 years.


Mar 2-3, Chain of Lakes, Alturas and Winter Haven:
If you would like to be pre-registered, reply by Wednesday at 5:00pm with your name and categories – you can reimburse the team onsite.
Some of us are staying at the Hampton Inn in Winter Haven – $125.

Mar 9-10, Orange Blossom, Naples:
Some of us are staying at the Spring Hill Suites in Naples – $139.
Reply if you want to join us for Team Dinner at 6:00pm.

Mar 16-17, Tampa Twilight & Pinellas Park:
Some of us get to sleep at home for this event.
Event Website.
We will be hanging out together at the VIP and FV tent.

Mar 23-24, Delray Twilight, Delray Beach:
Reply with your 1st and 2nd choice for hotel, so we can make a group reservation.
Event Website


Let us know if you need guidance with training plans, nutrition, etc.  We are fortunate to have our own and relationships with the best professional coaches, trainers, nutritionists, physicians; and access to the best resources to help you achieve your very best.  All you have to do is ask, and we will assess your needs and goals and put together a road map with a clear plan of action.


Please call, text, email immediately with any questions or suggestions.

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