FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – Feb 12 2013


Most uniforms were delivered this past weekend.  For the Naples group, thanks to Peter Davis for driving them down to Tish – she will coordinate with you guys.  For everyone else who did not get them last weekend, you may go by Get Healthy in Oldsmar at any time and look in the bike shop for a bag with your name.

Please email TODAY if you are missing anything, and order online TODAY from Veloce if you need any additional items to receive them by mid March – .

We also now have the t-shirts and hats – we will distribute them at the next race or you can pick them up at the store.

If you have not sent in your payment, please do so TODAY as well.

Skinsuits – they are semi-transparent :) and unacceptable.  Veloce apologizes and will fix them by adding the extra layer as required.  Please send them back to Oldsmar or give them to Tish in Naples. You may request a full refund or wait until they come back fixed.

Very Important - we regret to inform you that our entire uniform management staff has resigned for good :)  We have grown and it is not as much fun as when we handle it in a couple of hours with lots of pizza and beer.  Effective as soon as these boxes and bags are gone very soon, all uniforms will be ordered and paid directly online and shipped to your house or office.  Yeah!


Let’s welcome the following new members:  Blaine Heric, Charlie Zoeller, Chris Klemz, Craig Manchen, Daniel Mendoza, Don Foster, Doug Webster, Dylan Baker, Jake Hoeschler, Jim Zimmer, Joe Rose, John Randolph, Kyle Kelly, Larry Mengelkoch, Marc Lippens, Marcus Moffett, Matt Smith, Michael Bernsen, Mick Magin, Mike Mason, Peter Benstock, Peter McPhedran, Rick Rinella, Stephen Zaffiri, Tony Maisto.

Please remember that FloridaVelo is YOUR team in as much as it is any one else’s team.  It can only be very fulfilling and rewarding when your expectations and involvement are clear and aligned.  Please communicate, communicate, and communicate!


Congratulations for the great team and individual performances this past weekend.  There were great improvements in our fitness and communication!

Top 10s:  Kyle Kelly 2nd in Cat 4 RR, Larry Mengelkoch 2nd in Masters 60+ RR, Mark Stein 3rd in Masters 50+ CRIT, Frank Mullen 4th and 5th in Masters 60+ RR and CRIT, Jimmy Page 6th in PRO12 RR, and Jim Zimmer 9th in Masters 50+ in CRIT
Total Entries: 32


Our next race is the Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic in Winter Haven on March 2-3.  This is a great omnium style event (road race, time trial and criterium). .   Let’s plan on having a nice team dinner on Saturday.  Some of us are staying at Hampton Inn, 202 Cypress Gardens Blvd in Winter Haven.


We finally have the approval to order MAVIC products for team members only at 35% off retail.  Some os us will be wearing the Plasma SLR helmet in yellow ($216 retail – $140 team cost), and the Zxellium show in yellow ($325 retail – $210 team cost).  Let us know if you need these two item or any other products from Mavic.


The team’s 25% off special offer expires at the end of February.  Some of us are riding and racing the Vivace model, and we are impressed with the technical difference and quality of specifications & components. You can view them at OPUS or at Get Healthy & ON Performance in Oldsmar.

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