FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – January 9, 2013

The 2013 Racing Season is ON!


Please send in your total payment now – I wil be making the final deposit payment to Veloce on Feb 1st.

If you did not order the uniforms with the team’s batch, you may do so online directly with Veloce until January 31st to receive them at the end of March.


We will gather to kick off the season and deliver the uniforms on Friday, February 8 from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Get Healthy & ON Performance store in Oldsmar.

If you cannot make this event, you may pick up your uniforms as follows:

In Oldsmar at the Get Healthy & ON Performance store beginning on Friday, February 8 at 6:00pm

In Naples at the Kelly’s house starting on Saturday, February 2 (Tish will coordinate a get together – stay tuned for details)


We are fielding winning teams in the Men 35+, Men 50+, and Men 60+, Men Cat 4, and Women 3-4 categories – the yellow train will shine brightly!


You can now view the 2013 Florida Velo Racing Calendar.

Our team’s racing goals are as follows:

- Win the Florida Cycling Race Series Championships by Individual and Team.
- Win the Tampa Twilight (Mar 17-18)
- Win the Delray Beach Twilight (Mar 23-24)
- Win the State CRIT, TT by Individual & Team, and RR Championships (Fall)


You can view now the official 2013 Florida Cycling Race Series Guide. This is the best racing and most prestigious series in Florida and anywhere for that matter :)  Please notice that the Series Championships by Individual count only the top 12 results out of 28 races in the series,  which allows all of us to compete without having to participate in all weekends.

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions regarding the former FPS series or any other racing season related questions.  This new Florida Cycling Race Series and a number of other very positive changes will reshape cycling racing in Florida for the very best!

It has been a while since I have been as excited as I am today to race my bike and enjoy great times with all of you!


There are a couple of other series and events in Florida that you may consider based on your likeness to the area or course, your need to accumulate USA Cycling category upgrade points, or other criteria.  We love riding and racing our bikes, so you will never hear from any of us “do not go or support that race” – we are fortunate to have so many races in Florida.  I undecided due to travel schedule, but I may see some of you in Deland.


This is a reminder of our team’s objectives for 2013:

- Win the Florida Cycling Series in 3 categories
- Win State and National Championships in 5 age groups / categories
- Mentor 2 new Juniors
- Generate $25,000 in charitable contributions
- Enjoy a couple of trips together out of state and out of country


Bikes:  Some of you are finally riding our new team bikes from OPUS, and all I hear is “wow, this bike is amazing”.  I cannot wait to get mine next week!

Helmets:  We have access to Mavic and Bell.  Let me know what you want.

Shoes:  we have access to team prices from Mavic and Shimano.  Let me know what you want.

Wheels:  We have access to team prices from Mavic and Reynolds.  Let me know what you want.

Sunglasses:  Nothing yet :(

As always, please call/email/text if you have any questions or suggestions.


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