FloridaVelo EMAIL UPDATE – December 14, 2012


You must submit your order TODAY if you want it to be included with the team’s batch to arrive in late January.  Otherwise, you may place your order online with Veloce after December 14.  We have Fit Kits at the Get Healthy & ON Performance store in Oldsmar and at the Kelly’s house in Naples. The material of the jersey has been upgraded significantly.


Please RENEW or APPLY for your 2013 Membership.


We have begun our traditional long off season ride to San Antonio or Lake Lindsey.  The next rides will be on Dec 16, 23, and 30.  This rides are for everyone.  The choice of distance is from 20 miles to 86 miles and a little longer in the case of Lake Lindsey.   This weekend, we will go to San Ann - https://www.facebook.com/events/517632554922003/


We are very fortunate to have on board our own professional Sports Director, Professional Coaches, Personal Trainers, and other supporting staff/consultants. All members are encouraged to learn how to benefit from these relationships and their lengthy and valuable experiences.

Let us know if you need a training plan or any assistance to help you achieve you personal goals.


Our new team bike is OPUS Bikes, the Vivace model.  We will be riding this amazing bike next week.  To get the team’s special cost, you need to place your order by december 31.  .

Stay tuned for announcements on our choice of Helmets, Shoes, Sunglasses, and other equipment and accessories.  Let us know if you need or want anything specific.


Individually, there are a number and variety of individual objectives that we will help each other to accomplish.  As a team, we have agreed to work and enjoy our blessings together in accomplishing the following:

- Win every race we enter
- Win Masters and Senior State Championships
- Win Masters and Senior National Championships
- Win Masters World Games in Torino, Italy
- Mentor 2 Juniors
- Generate a minimum of $25,000 in charitable contributions through our Win-Match-Give program
- Enjoy together a couple of trips out of state and out of country

Our endowment and efforts will primarily be focused on supporting the fight of Kids against Cancer and the Youth Health initiatives.  I encourage you to get involved, and experience life changing opportunities!


The following are the team”s proposed calendar focus – please provide your comments, suggestions, and level of commitment:

- Florida Cycling Events (we will select soon likely the best 8 weekends in Florida)
- Tampa Twilight (Mar 17-18)
- Delray Beach Twilight (Mar 23-24)
- World Masters Cycling Games, Torino, Italy (Aug 3-11)
- State CRIT, TT by Individual & Team, and RR Championships (Fall)


The following are some additional and optional events – please provide you level of interest:

- Tour de Grove, St. Louis (May 11-13)
- Tour of America’s Dairlyland, Wisconsin (Jun 10-20)
- Prairie States Cycling Classic, Chicago (Jul 18-21)
- Giro delle Dolomiti, Bolzano, Italy (Jul 27 – Aug 2)
- USA Cycling Masters Road Championships, Bend, Oregon Sep 4-8)
- Six Gaps, Dahlonega (Sep 26-29)


We are committed to improving every member’s riding skills, to sharing in their accomplishments, and to being ambassadors for the cycling community.

FloridaVelo offers a development and support infrastructure for competitive cyclists to maximize their enjoyment and potential in the sport.

A “competitive” cyclist is everyone who strives to improve with a purpose, not necessarily by racing, and enjoys the setting of goals and plans to achieve anything.

We make competitive cycling accessible and fun for everyone – not every rider is searching for a professional ranking or a podium finish, just a nice time with friends!

We look forward to riding and racing together throughout Florida’s Racing and Touring calendar, as well as in select National and International events.

Join us to improve and compete with the best – we are having a fun with a purpose!

As always, please call/email/text if you have any questions or suggestions.


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